Krups Coffee Machines

The brand’s fully automatic machines come with a special luxury package. Different devices bring different comfort. Here is an overview of the selected machine:

  1. The Krups one-Touch has an automatic steam and cleaning function. Rinsing and descaling are also fully automatic. The switch-off of the device can be set and timed manually.
  2. With the fully automatic extra double Cappuccino, you can adjust the coffee outlet and have both the coffee and the milk system cleaned. The power on and Off can be programmed.
  3. The essential display Cappuccino, unfortunately, does not have a Touchscreen, but it has a steam nozzle on board, with which you can create your milk foam at will. However, not everything happens fully automatically here. There is no rinsing program, and cleaning must also be done manually. Only decalcification is carried out by the device itself.
  4. The Essential Picto is also in demand. This has a transparent bean container and a noble-looking white Front. However, you have to do without a milk system here. However, it is one of the Krups coffee machines with a grinder.

However, these machines are just a few examples of the 12 fully automatic machines that Krups has to offer.

Introducing KRUPS Barista New Age

Krups Filter Coffee Machines

Filter coffee machine a total of 10 different models can be found in this product category. So they come sometimes round or angular, sometimes with a glass jug or thermos jug. Particularly popular is the classic filter coffee machine, which is sold here under the name Proaroma.

  1. Proaroma: The Krups coffee maker Proaroma has a capacity of up to 15 cups of coffee and has conventional pan filters. You can also find a warm-up function and automatic shutdown on this device.
  2. Duothek: if you have to cook a lot of coffee, for example for the office, it is best to use a Krups coffee machine with two thermoses. Here is the model Duothek offers. By means of an Aroma switch, the intensity of the desired coffee can be selected.
  3. T8: if you like Mocha, you will love the Krups coffee machine T8. This makes use of a special Pressure brewing system, which gives the coffee a mocha-like taste.

Krups Coffee Capsule Machines

Nespresso is a popular capsule machine from Nescafé that is produced by the manufacturer Krups, among others. You have the choice between 18 different Nespresso machines, many of which are “simple” and with milk frother. If you would like to learn more about the Nespresso machines in Detail, then just take a look at our purchase advice on the subject.

Also, a real sales hit are the Dolce Gusto coffee machines from Krups. The design of the Dolce Gusto Movenza is futuristic. This is a fully automatic coffee machine operating with capsules. This innovative Krups coffee machine can produce both hot and cold drinks. The Dolce Gusto Drop is based on a “coffee drop ” Design and has a pump pressure of 15 bar. Those who like it rather small, however, is right with the Dolce Gusto Mini-Me.

The brewing process has a special influence on the taste and aroma of a coffee. Thanks to a large selection of models, you will always find the right device at Krups, depending on your personal preference. All Krups coffee machines convince with high-quality coffee. In this guide, you will learn more about the properties of the individual products from Krups.

General Information

The traditional company Krups from Wuppertal has been producing air fryers, burr grinders, cappuccino makers, coffee grinders, coffee makers, deep fryers, electric kettles, espresso machines, hand mixers, ice cream makers, juicers, toaster ovens, toasters, waffle maker for over 150 years. The Krups brand coffee machines, in particular, stand for first-class quality. In addition to models sold in cooperation with the Food Company Nestlé and the Nescafé Dolce Gusto and Nespresso capsule systems, Krups also produces classic filter machines, Espresso automatic machines, and double automatic machines.

More coffee appliances from Krups

Krups not only offer coffee machines, but also other equipment needed for the preparation of coffee specialties.

Krups Milk Frother

A milk frother is mainly needed for coffee specialties such as Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato. While most fully automatic coffee machines have the appropriate equipment, as the owner of a simple filter coffee machine you can also enjoy elaborate coffee specialties with the help of a milk frother.

Krups Coffee Mills

While fully automatic coffee machines have electric grinders for crushing the Beans, Espresso machines or filter machines are not equipped with this technology. The coffee powder needed for the brewing process can be bought already ground in the trade or made with the help of a Krups coffee grinder from roasted coffee beans.

Krups Reviews

Krups FAQ

Where is Krups?

The company Krups comes from the German city of Solingen. It is integrated into the French Group Groupe SEB, but the headquarters and individual business units are still located in Solingen.

What is a double machine?

The double automatic has two cans and two independently operating brewing systems. The device can be used to make coffee and tea at the same time. Alternatively, double the amount of coffee can be brewed.

How must the grinding degree be set at the fully automatic machine?

The degree of grinding depends primarily on which coffee specialty you want to prepare. For Espresso, very finely ground coffee is required. Therefore, you should choose a high grinding degree at Espresso. However, if you want to make a conventional coffee, you should choose a lower grinding degree so that the water does not extract too many substances during the brewing process and the coffee does not acidify.